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Brief History of Church Teachers' College: Mandeville.

The college started with 75 students (24 males, 51 females) as Mandeville Teachers' College with a staff complement of 6. The name was changed to Church Teachers' College during the principalship of the Rev. Orland Lindsay.

Over the past 33 years the college has achieved high academic standards. It has won awards for its performance on several occasions in the final JBTE examinations. It has provided winners of the J.J. Mills scholarship on several occasions and has produced graduates who have proceeded to excel in higher University degrees and who are now working in both local and foriegn Universities.

Perhaps the most outstanding achievements of the College have been in its development of human recources and scholars with a "human face". Some of its past students have shown sensitive community involvement, nurtured by the Christian spirit. For example, as early as 1967 when schools in Portland and Hanover were closed for want of teachers, graduating students from the college volunteered to go to open the closed schools, thus providing hope and for those bereft communities.

Continuing this tradition of service to the community our Clubs and Societies and Religious Fraternities continue to reach out and serve the communities in many ways. Our Physical Education Department has over the years assisted schools in the areas which need help in organizing sports and training in Physical Education. In particular that department has worked with the physically challenged.

The contribution of our graduates to the development of Jamaica has been without question. Many of our outstanding coaches in the Track and Field Athletics in Jamaica were trained at the College. Additionally, a number of outstanding past students have been ordained as Ministers of Religion.

The College operates under the aegis of the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and the Ministry of Education and Culture. To emphasize this fusion, His Grace, the Most Rev. Orland Lindsay, recently retired Archbishop of the West Indies, was as Rev. Orland Lindsay, in 1967 the first permanently appointed Principal of the College.

Other past Principals are:

Mr. Geralt Jones (First Acting Principal) - 1965 - 1967

The Rt. Rev. Dr. William A. Murray: Suffragan Bishop of Mandeville (retired) - 1970 - 1978.
(Also served as Chairman, Board of Management from 1984 - 1998)

Mrs. Joan Swaby (Acting) 1978 - 1979

Rev. Dr. Adlyn White (Acting) 1987 - 1988 and 1990 - 1991.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Thaxter 1979 - 1996. (He served the College from its inception until his retirement in 1996.

President of the College:  The Rt. Rev. Dr. The Hon. Neville W. deSouza
                                      Diocesan Bishop.

Actg. Chairman: Mr. Leo Goodin (1998 - 99 academic year)

Principal: Mrs. Beverley Minott

Actg. Vice-Prinicpal: Mrs. E. Jean Ramsay.