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Using Written Resources

Using Libraries

Using Libraries in Person

Reading Skills

Methods of Reading

Finding your Reading Speed

Researching and Writing Assignments

Note Taking

Writing a Research Report

Research For All Ages - College Level

The Learning Game

This site is designed specifically for tertiary level students who are studying and learning from a distance. The highlights of The Learning Game offer a range of skills that can be used to make the most of the time that is available to the Distance Learner.

All of the ideas are suggestions. On trying the methods described there may be need to adapt them to suit particular circumstances.

This site is designed by Karl Mair of the project group Klish, Mair and Szykeruk. Any reference adapted from The Learning Game is copyrighted to Massey University,New Zealand through the Commonwealth of Learning, and is developed for the University of the West Indies Distance Education Centre, Mona, Jamaica, for Distance Learners in the territories under its jurisdiction.

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