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Motto: Caritate et Sapientia educare
(to nurture through love and wisdom) 

Mission Statement:
Church Teachers' College is a teacher training institution, under the aegis of the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and Ministry of Education and Culture, whose mission is to train men and women who:

Will be highly competent in the application of pedagogical skills.
Will be capable of motivating those they teach.
Have acquired a zest for knowledge so that they will be motivated to continue life long learning.
Have developed positive attitudes, values and morals so as to be effective leaders in the communities they serve.

Philosophy of the College
The philosophy of the college is based upon two tenets: accent on INDIVIDUAL WORTH and accent on EXCELLENCE. In pursuing this philosophy the institution is guided by the belief that in order to achieve our full potential as human beings we need Divine Grace. We therefore focus on the development of the whole person, including the spiritual, academic, social, physical, cultural, aesthetic, religious, and moral aspects of the student's formation while pursuing excellence in all aspects of education.

More about  the College.
Located at 40 Manchester Road, Mandeville, the site of the old Hotel Manchester.

Established in 1965 by the Diocese of Jamaica during the episcopacy of the late Rt. Rev. Percival Gibson, the then Bishop of the Jamaica and through the vision and motivation of the Rt. Rev. B.Y. Vaughan the then Bishop of Mandeville.

Enrolment: In 1998 the total enrolment stood at 406 (328 females, 78 males) students with a staff complement of 42 (6 of whom are on leave or secondment).

Programmes offered
At the beginning - Certificate in Teaching (Primary and Secondary level). Later, Church was the only College whose main focus was the training of Secondary teachers. Now in 1998 the Diploma in Teaching is offered with the main focus still being Secondary education. The College continues to train  teachers in Primary education although on a small scale.
The college also offers professional training in Pedagogy and Education courses for persons with University Degrees. This leads to the Diploma in Teaching.

Collaborative Programmes

The University of the West Indies Distance Education Center (UWIDEC) has had a intra-island site (the first to be established) at the college since 1988. In this programme part of all the courses leading to a UWI undergraduate degree or certificate course can be pursued.
Distance Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture for the upgrading of Primary school teachers from the Certificate to the Diploma level.
Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE). The college houses a ROSE training team which fosters the implementation of the ROSE curriculum in the schools of the central region of the island of Jamaica.
Training of teachers in Math and Computer Science through summer sessions run by the Caribbean Math/Science Institute in collaboration with Central Connecticut State University.
An Early Childhood Demonstration Center (Basic School) is situated on the campus. It is sponsored by the Anglican Church and caters to approximately 200 students.
Site of an Early Childhood Resource Center operated by the Ministry of Education and Culture which provides training for teachers in Basic schools
Courses in computing provide opportunity for members of the community to obtain computer training.
Center for UWI Scholarship exams, Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and General Certificate in Education (GCE), and well as some UWIDEC exams.

Options offered in the Secondary Programme

1. Business Education
2. Computer Studies
3. Education
4. Geography
5. History
6. Home Economics
7. Language Arts
8. Mathematics
9. Physical Education
10. Religious Education
11. Science (double option and single option)
12. Social Studies.

40 Manchester Road, P.O. Box 41
Mandeville, Jamaica.

Tel: (876) 962-2662, 962-2864, 962-0701
Fax: (876) 962-0525