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The original hotel building Vaughn Hall is named after the Right Reverend Benjamin Vaughn, first Suffragan Bishop of Mandeville and a key figure in the establishment of the College.
Situated in the heart of the bustling capital town of the Parish of Manchester, the original college building formerly housed a hotel complete with swimming pool, tennis court, water storage tanks and attractive gardens.
This adjoined the Rectory lands glebe lands of the Mandeville Parish Church, thus readily permitting growth of the College with residential accommodation for students and some staff, a cafeteria and laundry, as well as classroom blocks with laboratories, library and lecture theatre, and a gymnasium.

In a central location stands the Chapel of Saint Matthias, dedicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1969. Nearby lies the playingfield with a laboratory,  a  Early Childhood Demonstration school and a Learning Resource center adjoining it.

There is one hall of residence for men, Spathodia, which commemorates the tree with its scarlet flowers,  which once grew wildly on the grounds. The residence halls for women are Kerr-Jarrett, named after Sir Francis Kerr-Jarrett, a former custos of St. James and a major benefactor of the College. Jones Hall, (named after the first principal of the college); Bolle, Campbell, Gibson, Scott and Swaby halls all situated in Lindsay House (named after the Right Reverend Orland Lindsay, formerly Lord Bishop of Antigua.