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Unit 1.1
What is Community Development?

Unit 1.2
The Nature of Sustainable Development.

Unit 1.3
Environment Impact Assessment

Unit 2.1
Community Development Approaches

Unit 3.1
Human Resource Development

Unit 4.1
National and Cultural Heritage of the Caribbean

Unit 4.2
Community Resource Assessment

Unit 4.3
Tools and Techniques for Development

Unit 5.1
Technology in Education

Unit 5.2
Educational Technology Plan: Case Study


Community Development Strategies.


This course is offered as a component of a series of courses offered to adult learners.

Unit One looks at community development strategies in the context of co-existence and soveriegnity.

Unit Two reviews the role of Adult Education in development.

Unit Three discuss the broad concept of human resources within the context of the global and regional factors which impact on the potential for growth and development.

Unit Four defines the uniqueness of the peoples within the Caribbean region while identifying the levels of input required to preserve the cultural and national heritage.

In Unit Five the skills to promote communication and the influence that technology has on the sector are highlighted.

Material written by Mr. Everald Gowie, Director, EDUTECH, Trafagar Rd, Kingston, Jamaica.
Edited and co-written by Karl Mair, Curriculum Specialist, UWIDEC, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica.,1998

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