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Instructional System Technology

The experiences of the past during which technologies have changed peoples way of thinking 
will determine the level of literacy required for existence in the future.

Topic 2: Computer software and hardware. Factually, software is the program and instruction that tell the computer what to do. It is developed by a programmer. Computer software takes two forms. One is the operating systems software, which controls the computer's primary operations as well as the programs used to produce useful work. The three most commonly used for personal productivity, schoolwork and business are word processing, which concept ually allows the creation and revision of written work, the spreadsheet which enables the application of accounting and mathematical calculations and the third, the database management system (DBMS), which allows for the organizing and retrieval of data stored in one or more databases. The task performed using the computer are referred to as procedures. When procedures are applied to working with data, it results in the output of useful information. The fourth software involved in this training program is communications. The principles afforded the software relate to data, which is the raw material from which information is extracted and information, which is the raw data after it is organized.Communication software can usually be programmed with telephone numbers that dial the modem and connect to another computer.The concept of on-line means direct communication with another computer.

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