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Instructional Systems Design Hints

By the end of the century the entire world will rely on the microprocesser
for every conceivable facet in life!


Academic and Professional Qualifications:

Currently pursuing M.S. in Educational Technology 
         Central Connecticut State University.

Past:    M.S. in Instructional Systems Design (incomplete) 
         Indiana University - School of Education.

         B.S. in Fine Arts
         Major - Industrial Ceramics
         Manley School for the Visual Arts.

         Certificate in Education
         Major - Visual Arts Education
         School of Education 

Professional and Administrative Experiences:

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education in a Tertiary institution 
teaching teacher trainees for the past seventeen years.
Areas of Responsibility during this time included:

Lecturer in Visual Arts Education - Department of Humanities and Aesthetics
for ten years.
Coordinator of the Distance Education site for a University in the region 
for eight years at the first intra-island site.

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Computer Studies Department for the
past six years.

Senior Lecturer in Instructional System Technology for the Department of 
Education for six years.

Acting Principal Lecturer and Coordinator of the Humanities and Aesthetics
Department in a Tertiary institution for the past four years.

Chairman of the Board of Studies with responsibility for the Diploma in 
Computer Studies program for four years.

Member of the Curriculum Committee - Joint Board of Teacher Education for
four years.

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